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Level 1


$0 - $249

$1 = 1 point

Get a $5 reward everytime you reach 100 points

15% off

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$1 = 2 point EARN 2X FASTER!

Get a $5 reward everytime you reach 100 points

20% off

with $20 minimum purchase

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$1 = 3 point EARN 3X FASTER!

Get a $5 reward everytime you reach 100 points

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with no minimum purchase

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  • It's super easy to join! To sign up, simply create your online account. You can also download the Ardene app or sign up in any store with the help of one of our store associates.

  • There are 3 tiers: Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3. Level status is based on how much you spend within a membership year. To qualify for Level 1 you must spend between $0 and $249.99, to qualify for Level 2 you must spend between $250 and $499.99 and to qualify for Level 3 you must spend $500 and more. The date you join the program will mark the "start date" of your membership year. The "membership year" will last 12 months. The level you're in is based on how much you spend during the current membership year. All new members start in Level 1. If you reach a new level during a membership year, the date you reach the new level will constitute your "new start date" and the new expiration date will be 12 months later meaning that you will stay in the new level for a full year. To maintain your level status, you must requalify by spending your level's threshold amount during your membership year. To move up to a higher level, you need to spend the difference between the next level's threshold amount and the amount you already spent. If you do not requalify for the same level or a higher one, your level will reset to a lower level based on how much you actually spent. Example: Melissa joined the program January 1st and was entered in Level 1. By July 1st she spent $250 qualifying her for Level 2. She will remain in Level 2 until July 1st of the next year or until she spends a minimum of $250 which would qualify her for Level 3. By December 1st she spent $300 bringing her to Level 3. She will remain in Level 3 until December 1st of the next year.

  • All your information related to points, rewards and level status can be found in your online account. Visit to sign in by clicking "Log in" at the very top of the page and entering your email and password. Once you've logged in, click on "My Rewards" under the account drop-down to bring up your loyalty dashboard. On this page, you will see your level status, your points balance, any rewards you've earned, engagement activities that can give you bonus points, your purchase, rewards and activity history and a reminder of all the perks you have access to. You also have access to this page in the app once you sign in. It can be found in the Me section.

  • A reward is a dollar discount that you can use on future purchases. Every time you reach 100 points it will automatically trigger a 5 dollar reward. Rewards will be triggered in 5 dollar increments meaning you could receive $10, $15, $20, $25, etc rewards.

  • Unfortunately, we do not award points retroactively. In order to get your points you must let the cashier know that you are a member, be signed in to your online account or signed in to the app.

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