Let's talk sustainability

We're making big moves in becoming more sustainable because what's better for the planet is better for everyone. We may not be perfect (and hey, who is?), but we can make a difference if we continue on this journey together.

What's the Ardene Collective, you ask? It's a movement that guides everything sustainable and responsible at Ardene... from sourcing better fabrics & monitoring manufacturing, to our (over 400) social responsibility ambassadors who keep us accountable every step of the way.

The world is changing and so are we... here's a look at how.

Better for the Planet FABRICS

Using smarter fabrics helps us reduce waste and our overall carbon footprint. From our Ardene Collective line to Eco-Conscious clothing, footwear, and accessories, we're designing more products made from organic materials, recycled fibers and sustainable processes.

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Good Cotton

Organic cotton comes from non-GMO plants, and is grown without the use of synthetic agricultural chemicals (like fertilizers & pesticides).

Recycled Polyester

Recycled polyester fibers are made of post-consumer plastic. Many of our products carry the REPREVE label, meaning the textiles are made from recycled water bottles.


Modal fibers are made using using natural beech wood. Some of our products have TENCEL modal, which follows a closed-loop process that transforms wood pulp into fibers and recycles the process water.


Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world, and grows without the use of pesticides or harmful chemicals, making it a sustainable raw material.

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Recycled Nylon

Using recycled nylon reduces the need for new petroleum-based products, and uses fewer natural resources to produce. Some recycled nylon fabrics come from old fishing nets and leftover factory scraps, meaning less waste overall.


We've been doing good since 1982, but we've made leaps and bounds on our sustainability journey since then.

25 Million

Since 2009, we've eliminated single-use plastic garment bags by 25 million. That's over 275 pounds a year.
(That's enough plastic to cover the floor of a large suburban mall.)

462 Tons

Over 462 tons of plastic has been saved through our hanger re-use program in stores.
(That's the same weight as about 4 blue whales.)

120,000 Units

By eliminating single-use plastics like cutlery, cups and water bottles, we've reduced our usage by about 120,000 units a year.
(If you stacked it all up, it would be higher than Mount Everest.)

Garden & Bees   

Our backyard community garden produces our own fresh veggies & herbs for our cafeteria + we have beehives coming soon!


Through our donation box program, we're collecting gently used clothing & footwear in select stores and giving them a new life. The more you donate, the less ends up in a landfill.
(the average person throws away about 81 lbs of clothing a year...yikes!)

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Recyclable Hangers   

We recently introduced 100% recyclable hangers for all our lingerie and swim products.
(and we have more recylable boxes and packaging coming soon!)


It's our goal to reduce our carbon emissions by 30% by 2025.

Waste Reduction

Even small steps count. We've introduced recycling programs, print reduction, smarter packaging & a single-use plastic ban at head office.


We're working with Climate Smart and the Sustainable Apparel Coalition to help us achieve our goals and keep us on track.

Smart Planning

Our teams are working hard to reduce air freight, and we're continuing with our zero incineration policy (since day one!), meaning our overstock is either sold at liquidation or donated.


We have about 400 social responsibility reps at head office and stores to spread the word and help us learn.