Bamboo: A Sustainable Resource

Choosing better fabrics is at the top of our list. You've heard about bamboo, but now learn how this versatile plant is making a positive environmental impact.

Why we love Bamboo

We know that pandas eat it, but check out all the other incredible benefits of using bamboo:

fast growth

One of the fastest growing plants in the world, with a growth rate of over 3 feet per day; meaning a forest can grow in just a few years

more oxygen

Absorbs toxic greenhouse gases and releases 35% more oxygen than most plants

no pesticides

Grows without pesticides, fertilizer or herbicides

any climate

Can thrive in almost any climate


naturally antibacterial

moisture wicking

pesticide free

What's more is that they have bio-based, non-toxic, washable Ortholite ECO LT insoles, so from inside to out, these shoes are just plain good!

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